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Tickets for this year's Bakewell Wool Gathering are now available. You can book them on our website:
  • £7.50 for the day
  • £10 for the weekend
  • Children under 16 and carers enter for free.

We're coming back to Bakewell Agricultural Centre on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October.
Doors open at 10am for prepaid tickets and 12pm for tickets on the door.
Don't want to wait? Book now!
We have increased the ticket price for the first time in a decade. The cost of everything has gone up in that time and we've kept it frozen for as long as we could.

Quiet hour

We know not everybody enjoys crowds and some people would prefer to avoid them. That's why we've introduced an hour on Sunday morning for a small group of visitors to attend the event without the crowd.

These tickets allow entry from 9am on Sunday 20th October. We did this at Buxton Wool Gathering in May, and it was really well received. Although quiet hour runs from 9am - 10am, you're able to stay after 10am. You can also leave and return later if you'd like to - Sunday afternoons are generally quieter than other periods during the event.
Our exhibitor list is also available on our website, so you can start getting your shopping list together.
If you have any other questions, you'll probably find the answer on our website.

Cumbrian Wool Gathering

Don't want to wait until October? Come see us in Cumbria this month! We're running the first Cumbrian Wool Gathering on 24th and 25th June at Junction 36 Rural Auction Centre, just off the M6.
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