Join us for a weekend of all things woolly!

Our wool festival has over 50 exhibitors selling:

Hand dyed yarns and fibres

Wheels and spindles

Needles and hooks

Kits, patterns, and books

Gifts and accessories

Raw fleeces

...and much more!

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If you're looking to apply to be an exhibitor, please see our exhibitor information page.


Meet the exhibitors

Angela Gardner Studio


Blotz Natural Dyes



Claire Taylor's Feltings

Emstead Leicester Longwools

Knitterish Designs

Muffin Ceramics

Murmuring Wheel
Peak District Yarns

Peak District Yarns


Pure Welsh


Riverside Knitting & Spinning Wools

Ryeland Flock Book Society


Sheep On Mars

Sheep On Mars

Snuggly Stars Yarns

Soft Accents UK

The Crafty Bird


The Knitting Companion


Why Knot Macrame?

Fleece sales

We also run a fleece stall to sell unprocessed fleeces. If you’d like to sell any then please read the following rules:

  • You must deliver any fleece before we open at 10am on either day.
  • Fleeces must be clean and in a suitable bag.
  • Each bag must have a notice attached stating: breed, approximate weight, name of farm and contact details.
  • There is a fixed charge of £1 per bag which has to be paid on delivering the fleeces.
  • All unsold fleeces and monies from sales must be collected before 4.30pm on Sunday. Any fleeces not collected will be sold to the highest bidder and all proceeds given to the Rare Breed Trust. You will be asked to sign to agree to this.