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October 2014

Pauline Fitzpatrick

I design and make one of a kind freeform crochet wallhangings and garments. Inspiration comes from the wide variety of yarns now available, the natural world and the seasons. I usually start out with a general idea for the piece I`m making, which evolves during the working process, when different yarns can be added as the piece progresses. I love colour and texture, particularly the way colours are affected when placed next to each other.


I am also a crochet designer and have recently been working with Carole from Skeins to produce a range of accessories using her hand dyed yarns. These patterns are available from my Ravelry shop.

I have designed for Knitting magazine, Yarn Forward Magazine, Reader`s Digest (USA), Inside Crochet, I love Crochet, I like Crochet, Sirdar and King Cole My work has been exhibited in various places in the UK and in the Scrumblers’ Unite, Hang Ups, and Hearts and Flowers exhibitions in Australia.

I teach crochet workshops and am delighted to be teaching Tunisian Crochet and Freeform Crochet workshops at Bakewell this year.


Producing rolags and mini-batts you want to use!

Run by Freyalyn Close-Handsworth, this workshop will run on Sunday at 1.30pm.

Learn how to use a handcarder to prepare scoures fleece, blend tops and produce rolags and mini-batts for both spinning and felting.

Students will need to bring a pair of handcards with them – there may be a couple of spare pairs but not enough to go round so if you have spares you are willing to lend please bring them as well!

The cost of the workshop is £15.00, which includes your entry ticket to Bakewell Wool Gathering. You can book online.

Wool Stories

I was born and raised in Poland, in place called Land Of Thousand Lakes. Since childhood I was interested in textiles and spent lots of time sewing, knitting and crocheting.

I studied Landscape Architecture at university in Olsztyn and spent a few years in a medieval reenactment group, creating costumes and playing with fire. In 2005 I moved to UK, and my adventure with wool and felt started over 5 years ago.

The driving force behind my work is love of colours, textures, fascination of wool and process of preparing it. I’m working with different types of fibre, like raw fleeces purchased from local farmers and natural or pre-dyed wool purchased from few UK based suppliers.

I work with animal fibres like wool, silk, mohair and alpaca, as well as vegan friendly renewable plant fibres like bamboo, soy silk, banana and flax. My spinning wheel is MACH II from US based company Spinolution.

My main focus is producing work of high quality and finish. Big part of my necklaces and yarns are hand dyed by me. For the dye procedure I’m using only the highest quality and professional dyes for animal fibre – acid Jacquard dyes, and therefore colours does not fade over time. I take pride of my work, and use only high quality fibres.

On my website you can find unique, textural, artistic hand spun yarns and accessories, created by using techniques such as core spinning, coil ply, beehives and thick-thin. My products are fun, quirky and interesting in texture and colours, as well as suitable for knitting, crocheting, weaving and other crafts. For a gallery of my recent work, please visit my Facebook page www.facebook.com/woolstories.

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